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About ​Jon Flynt

For years of experience, Jon Flynt, a Licensed Real Estate Recruiter in TX, has been passionately providing assistance and opportunities to make productive agents have the best career move they could ever contemplate in the real estate brokerage space. He is an approachable individual with an elevated work ethic which makes him one of the Top Real Estate Recruiters in TX.
Jon Flynt is professional, responsive, and works with integrity-producing agents together with the most dynamic real estate brokerage in the marketplace - eXp Realty. 
eXp Realty has disrupted the traditional real estate brokerage business model as one of the best real estate companies and a Real Estate Recruiters & Staffing Agency.  eXp will fully take off in years to come - this is the best time to join eXp! Get serious clients and excellent support service. Join our team as an eXp Agent today!

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One Brokerage, Not a Franchise

eXp Realty is one international company changing the industry

We are laser-focused and one of the best Real Estate Industry Recruiters in TX, producing agents who are looking for that "perfect fit" brokerage, with Texas Real Estate Staffing of eXp Realty.

Behind every talented real estate agent are real estate headhunters of eXp Realty, providing support to our agents and customers. Whether you're just starting out in your career, need a change of pace, or enjoy the management side of real estate, the eXp real estate support team could be the right fit for you, to build your skills and grow your career as a real estate agent.

Regardless of their title or level, we take the time to learn about each individual, their skills, and their career goals. We're talent experts with the expertise, relationships, industry knowledge, and focus to match the right candidate with the appropriate organization.

This is one of the reasons so many talented creative and marketing professionals around the state have chosen to trust eXp Realty. Be one of them who have experienced the support and have skyrocketed in their careers.

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